Covid 19 update

The pandemic has forced change on all of us, including therapists. For example, I’ve always thought I was the sort of therapist who would only work with clients face to face. Honestly, I think it was a bit of snobbery as I didn’t believe telephone or video sessions could ever be as good as seeing people in the flesh. But like everyone since March 2020 I’ve had to adapt and challenge my preconceptions. Almost overnight I had to switch to a mixture of telephone, Facetime and What’s App, and I also started to use Zoom for my teaching and supervision groups.

As lockdown restrictions have lifted I’ve been thinking again about the benefits and the limitations of phone therapy and I’m surprised to realise that all in all the benefits have been surprisingly good. Some of my clients moved out of London suddenly, and in the past that would have meant stopping therapy, but we’ve been able to continue seamlessly. While other clients don’t want to risk using public transport just yet. So I won’t be reverting back to back to a 100% face to face service for now, but instead will offer clients and supervisees a choice of what will suit them best moving forward.

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